JP Costallos

I'm JP, I'm a web developer. lifetime learner. social being. UCF Alumni. traveler.



Interests, Passions, & Goals

I'm John (JP) Costallos. I love to build, talk, learn, and teach anything that has to do with the web. I'm a dedicated professional looking to help build the web and the community surrounding it.

I enjoy being social in any environment and have a passion for my work, traveling, and my friends & family. I plan to use my time within the web field to learn and have new experiences, while building incredible projects.

I wish to someday become a community leader and help build and instill a stronger passion for the web within anyone I connect with.

A Little Bit More About Me

Be sure to give me a follow on Twitter or look at what I've been working on at Github.

UCF Talk

Giving a talk on front-end web development at UCF.


Web Development

I develop beautiful, user-driven websites, and web applications that work.

UI/UX Design

I like to make lives simpler and easier, while creating and developing intuitive interfaces.

WordPress Design

I make custom WordPress themes for users who need to update their content.

Social Being

I'm huge on conversation. I love to talk about my work and meet others in the industry.

Recent Projects

These are a few projects that I've been fortunate enough to work on. Most of these projects are currently still being utilized. I've left a piece of me with every work and took an even bigger piece with me when I finished it. I find that writing about my work both during and after helps answer a lot of questions that I find myself asking. It provides clarity for both myself and anyone my work is connected to.

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Flight Treks

Flight Treks

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UCF Homecoming

UCF Homecoming

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AAA Internship

AAA Internship

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